How does it work?

How does the My garden Your garden Foundation work?

Mijn tuin Jouw tuin connects local residents with each other in the garden.

The harvest is used and shared.

Join us too!

    • The offered garden is divided into vegetable gardens of 25m2, for a minimum of one year.
    • Garden regulations are drawn up with the garden owner.
    • The agreements are signed by the garden owner and vegetable gardener.
    • A personal sowing plan is made.
    • Mijn tuin Jouw tuin involves (neighborhood) residents by deploying vegetable garden coaches and organizing annual neighborhood activities.
    • Mijn tuin Jouw tuin provides seeds, tools, knowledge and support through local or national sponsors.
    • Mijn tuin Jouw tuin only uses organic pesticides.
    • Once a week, a garden coach offers on-site advice and support.
    • The harvest is used by yourself, the garden owner, (fellow) gardeners and social food projects!

Garden owner: "Many people ask me about the project. I'm very happy to meet more people!"