About us



Different times, new ideas; driven to find what really works

It’s so nice to bring parties together, even if they don't seem to share much with each other at first:

In February 2015 I came into contact with an elderly gentleman. He indicated that his large garden was too much work for him and asked me if I knew a solution. I made a link with people who would like to (learn how to) vegetable gardening. This is how the idea for Mijn tuin Jouw tuin was born.

After the first gardeners and volunteers participated, local businesses followed with sponsorship of seeds and tools. People responded with surprise and enthusiasm, and the plan received widespread support. In June 2015 we received an innovation budget from the municipality of Barneveld, in 2017 a liveability subsidy from the Province of Gelderland and since September 2018 we have been an official foundation. It all went super fast!

In my daily work as a coach I find that personal motivation is the basis for personal development. My motivation is to increase independence and build new social contacts. I support people when necessary.

Mijn tuin Jouw tuin offers people the opportunity to grow: Everyone is able to work in and around the vegetable garden. The focus is on sharing, social contacts, healthy food and being outside: with and for each other!

Our foundation is deepening and growing in breadth. Since 2020 there are also two community gardens in Barneveld and Ede. The wish is to start gardens in all municipalities of the FoodValley.

Mijn tuin Jouw tuin really works, it increases the social network of people!